City Council Blasts Oxford Union over Le Pen Invite

The City Council have joined the growing chorus of opposition against the Oxford Union’s latest far-right speaker invitation.

In an official letter to Union President Dan Wilkinson, the Council’s executive board member for public safety expressed concerns about “the Oxford Union’s pattern of endangering community safety by inviting fascists into the city.

“Steve Bannon, Tommy Robinson, Marine Le Pen, Alice Weidel. Now Marion Marechal Le Pen. The Union has recently put an unhealthy fascination with courting controversy ahead of doing the right thing by Oxford, the city that’s called it home since 1823.”

Councillor Tom Hayes argued that the Union was legitimising the far-right, writing: “While you may live in Oxford for a short time, the costs of your courting of controversy will last a long time. It should be of concern that this line-up of fascists you are inviting into Oxford get to exploit the prestige of the Union to legitimise prejudice.

“We know that hate hurts. Up the road from the Union, there will be an exhibition on the Lessons of the Holocaust at the same time as you are enabling fascists to spread a sickening series of racist views. That exhibition clearly shows just how much hate hurts and how much the legitimisation of hate can hurt on the biggest possible scale. I invite you to visit the Town Hall to discuss your invitation and visit the exhibition.”

The letter also raised concerns about the cost of security for the event: “Our cash-strapped, cut-back Thames Valley Police should not be forced to police this event when they could be stopping and catching criminals, just as they should never be made to pay for the costs of policing the Union’s attention-grabbing behaviour. What security support will the Union be giving to your event?

“We have seen stand-offs between police and far-right activists in the capital, and I do not want to see similar stand-offs in Oxford city centre. I have concerns for the safety of the police, as well as our citizens, and urge you to do the right thing and revoke an invitation which ought never to have been made.”

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Oxford East MP Anneliese Dodds has also fiercely criticised the Union’s decision, calling on the Union’s leadership to “grow up” and cancel the invitation.

The MP said: “Inviting Marion Maréchal-Le Pen to the Oxford Union legitimises one of the ‘new generation’ of fascists. She is known to be on the far-right even of the far-right National Rally.

“The Oxford Union’s pathetic courting of publicity by inviting racist after racist is deeply frustrating for local people. Our city is proud of its diversity and yet the Oxford Union seems determined to threaten this.”

The statement comes as a planned protest gathers pace, with one event on Facebook listing 175 people as going and 529 as interested. The event is being hosted by a number of local and national activist groups, including Oxford University Labour Club and the Oxford SU LGBTQ+ and racial equality campaigns.

Mr. Wilkinson are yet to respond to request for comment


  1. The same council who gave Aung San Suu Kyi freedom of the city only to take it back…. They can hardly judge!

  2. How ridiculous. Any Oxford college, society or group should be permitted to invite whomever they like, and enable them to submit their views to public scrutiny. That is what freedom is. The moment you start saying that this or that person may not be invited, you are on the path to tyranny. What has the Union termcard to do with the Council anyway? Shouldn’t they be busy mending the roads?

  3. I agree with Old Oxonian. The Union is all about debate. That is, two sides, two points of view, make your mind up. Those with poor arguments will wither quickly and embarrassingly under the view of the assembled Union members. I doubt they are any less assiduous than they were in my, or Old Oxonian’s day.

    These racists will be ripped to pieces with their tin-foil views.

  4. Good on the council – the Union’s governing clique dont care about debate, only about sustaining a thin atmosphere of notoriety to vindicate their own self-importance. The whole institution is a joke.

  5. At the end of the day M. Piret, the Union is an enormously successful institution with zillions of members, its events are always massively popular, and its presidency is the only position in the entire world student politics which carries the slightest hint of prestige or meaning outside of the irrelevant student bubble.

    So who cares what you think?

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