photo showing a corset worn by madonna on display

A matter of inches: corsets make a comeback

An exploration of the 21st century corset renaissance, spurred by icons from Madonna to McQueen.
Iestyn Davies sits in front of a grey wall

Interview: renowned opera singer Iestyn Davies

Cambridge, choirs, colleges and everything else

The Pitchfork Disney Review – ‘reality and morality is blown apart...

"From the moment you step into this play the direct ‘in-yer-face’ nature of the performance is abundantly clear."

Who’s direction is it anyway? An interview with the director of...

Charlie Rogers talks black-box theatre and responds to recent Oxfess controversy
Mural of the queen with a ziggy stripe on her face

Alter egos in music: invention and reinvention

A change of persona can yield new creative space and energy.
A group of performers in suits standing on a stage, code projected onto the wall behind them

Review: ENRON – “absolutely captivating”

“Although he and Enron fall, the people who fall with it fall more” – Sour Peach Productions present a compelling and absurd take on the real-life financial scandal

The Long Con: The fine art of deception

It is very easy to be lulled into a false empowerment by the critical process, believing that the role can be as creative as can be observational.
A portrait of Sá-Carneiro

Satiating Sá-Carneiro

Exploring the life and work of an acclaimed Portuguese writer, at the heart of which lies the desire to discover.
A painting of St. Catherine of Siena, who is wearing a white habit and is surrounded by devilish-looking creatures.

Resisting bodily urges: extreme asceticism in medieval female saints’ lives

The modern-day 'anorexia memoir' has its origin in the genre of medieval saints' lives
Mary Queen of Scots sits in a chair and stairs into the middle distance, looking poised and wearing a headdress.

Mary Queen of Scots review: ‘artistic licence breathes life into history’

Rourke brings a fresh take on the fraught relationship between two women ruling in a man’s world.


Union Slate-Gate!

Williams supported the impeachment of the Librarian in his Union speech

Theresa May: “I have completely given up.”

This week has seen Theresa fall to further lows, similar to Cherwell satire

Preview: Made in Dagenham at the Oxford Playhouse

FourSevenTwo Productions’ all-out rendition of the feminist musical comes to Oxford in fifth week.

‘No-platforming’ could be illegal, government warns

Universities that cancel speakers due to planned protests could be in breach of the law.

Restaurant Review: Peppers

"Peppers embodies everything great about this little, funny city."