Books to buy in the first few months of 2019

A quick guide to the highly anticipated books coming out in 2019
A shot of a sign outside a theatre showing 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.'

Sequels and Spinoffs: serving commercial or creative interests?

What are the impacts of adding to a fictional universe?
An illustration in which Orlick threatens Pip with a candlestick.

‘A bit of Bah Humbug’: Christmas in Great Expectations

Dickens is the perfect post-Christmas antidote to anyone exhausted by the festive season
AUthor Terry Pratchett sitting at a table, holding a pen

Beyond Juvenal: “who will guard the guardians?”

One line in Juvenal’s Satire VI finds itself reincarnated in countless modern pop culture references.
A painting by Patrick Branwell Brontë of the three Brontë sisters, on a dark background.

The Bookshelf: Charlotte Brontë’s ‘Villette’

In the first of our blog series on your favourite books and poems, Jenny Scoones finds the passionate love and faith in Bronte’s later, lesser-known novel to rival the author's more canonical works
a sign saying 'no surrender' hung over rubble on Shankill Road

Milkman by Anna Burns: a pertinent portrait of life during the...

An exploration of Anna Burns' The Milkman and its chilling relationship to the violence of the Troubles.
Kate Tempest onstage with a microphone

Poetry in motion: the nature of lyrics

Should lyrics be given the same respect as poetry?
Original manuscript, showing a man in a red coat holding a bardiche, and a headless man on a horse.

Armitage’s Gawain: translating in wylde wayeȝ

"Translation is not without flaws – it cannot help but alter authorial voice, although the degree to which this takes place is certainly not consistent."

Autumn by Ali Smith: a seasonal portrait of post-Brexit Britain

The first book in Smith's ongoing quartet reminds us that sympathy is possible in our polarised times

Strange creatures: monstrosity in Kafka’s ‘The Metamorphosis’

The world of literature is abundant with monsters: physical monsters, psychological monsters, benevolent monsters, evil monsters. However, there is hardly a monster as puzzling...


Union Slate-Gate!

Williams supported the impeachment of the Librarian in his Union speech

Theresa May: “I have completely given up.”

This week has seen Theresa fall to further lows, similar to Cherwell satire

Preview: Made in Dagenham at the Oxford Playhouse

FourSevenTwo Productions’ all-out rendition of the feminist musical comes to Oxford in fifth week.

‘No-platforming’ could be illegal, government warns

Universities that cancel speakers due to planned protests could be in breach of the law.

Restaurant Review: Peppers

"Peppers embodies everything great about this little, funny city."