A drawing of a frog sitting on a tree stump with a glass of beer in his hand.

Review: Frog’s Legs – ‘light-hearted façade with a dark core’

Shepherd-Cross' new play treads a fine line between offensiveness and good taste - is it all the better for it?
Headshot of a person wearing a latex mask

The Pitchfork Disney Preview – ‘a play of delight and disgust’

The Pitchfork Disney shows at the BT Studio this week

Enron Preview – ‘financial collapse made tangible’

A preview of the Theatre Goose and Sour Peach Productions' play at the Oxford Playhouse this week.
Cleopatra (Sophie Okonedo) kneels behind a dying Antony (Ralph Fiennes) flanked by two servants.

Review: Antony and Cleopatra – a star-studded Shakespeare

Lawrence Li is impressed by the National Theatre’s opulent imagining of a Shakespearean classic

The Dark Review – ‘calls our attention to the othering of...

Poet Nick Makoha's new play uncovers the stark realities of a refugee's journey.

Review: Hadestown – from myth to musical

The National Theatre's musical work-in-progress proves to be a charming retelling of the story of Orpheus and Eurydice

The Lady’s Mad Review – ‘a triumph’

Paul Nash is captivated by Thistledown Theatre's production of Rebekah King's new play.

The Tragedy of King Richard the Second – ‘stripped-down Shakespeare’

The timing of many lines elicits genuine laughter from the audience; in these interesting times we live in, such a take feels intensely necessary.

Jersey Boys Review – ‘the drama falls flat’

The lead actors march around on stage like four dads thrown together on a charity tour of the YMCA.
A scene from Silent Night. A group of World War I soldiers sit in various positions and cheer on a soldier in the centre who has a hand raised and is singing.

Silent Night Review – ‘a story very relevant to our time’

The multilingual reimagining of the Christmas Truce at Leeds Town Hall feels particularly timely


Union Slate-Gate!

Williams supported the impeachment of the Librarian in his Union speech

Theresa May: “I have completely given up.”

This week has seen Theresa fall to further lows, similar to Cherwell satire

Preview: Made in Dagenham at the Oxford Playhouse

FourSevenTwo Productions’ all-out rendition of the feminist musical comes to Oxford in fifth week.

‘No-platforming’ could be illegal, government warns

Universities that cancel speakers due to planned protests could be in breach of the law.

Restaurant Review: Peppers

"Peppers embodies everything great about this little, funny city."