SU president elections: meet the candidates

The Oxford University Student Union elections close today. How will you be voting? Cherwell spoke to each of the three candidates for president.

Union RO announces ruling which could overturn slate ban

Under a technicality, last month's trial ban could be rendered invalid.

NUS Trans and International officers axed amidst bankruptcy cutbacks

NUS has also been forced to let half of its staff go and sell its London headquarters

In full: rich colleges hinder outreach efforts

Magdalen, Oriel and New spend less than 0.5% of college budgets on outreach in 2017/18

SU creates survey for “vulnerable” student sex-workers

The 43-question survey was sent out last week and asks about a multitude of aspects of sex work.

Concerns raised about religious inclusivity at Somerville

In the end, the motion passed with 26 JCR members voting “in favour of re-adding the halal and kosher aspects of the original motion on the condition that it is pre-stunned”.

Budget cut for Bodleian Libraries

Book purchasing budget to fall by nearly 3 per cent in real terms

To include the excluded: An interview with Baroness Royall

The Somerville principal discusses inclusivity, tradition and eating octopus

Confusion and internal division: Why Brexit won’t feature in today’s three-party...

OULC co-chair described the Oxford Forum’s event as “poorly organised” 

Right-wing dark money comes to Oxford student politics

Turning Point USA aims to shift student politics to the right; its tactics have included intimidating academics and covertly funnelling thousands of dollars into student political campaigns


Union Slate-Gate!

Williams supported the impeachment of the Librarian in his Union speech

Theresa May: “I have completely given up.”

This week has seen Theresa fall to further lows, similar to Cherwell satire

Preview: Made in Dagenham at the Oxford Playhouse

FourSevenTwo Productions’ all-out rendition of the feminist musical comes to Oxford in fifth week.

‘No-platforming’ could be illegal, government warns

Universities that cancel speakers due to planned protests could be in breach of the law.

Restaurant Review: Peppers

"Peppers embodies everything great about this little, funny city."